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ya ha llegado el parche final y lo han puesto de oferta !!!

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New – Staff Alerts Tab in the TOC 
For the second year in a row, we are adding a new feature from our Origins build into the game. This year it is the Staff Alerts Panel. This is a commander’s one stop shop to see what units have problems. Any unit seen on the list (Counter in area 1, Unit Designation in area 2, and Unit Composition in are 4)) has one or more of its Readiness, Morale, or Ammo stats below 50% (Attributes in area 3). If one of those factors is below 25% then 
you get a red warning message (in area 5). Units raising alerts can also have other problems as shown in the Red Message area (area 5). This could be out of special ammo for artillery units, out of command range, insufficient transport (unit moving at leg speed and not IFV speed), and other conditions of concern. 

Enhanced – Enemy AI Movement Mode Selection 
We adjusted the way the AI sets up it movement orders when planning. The AI will now choose to move via Deliberate Movement when 4km or greater from an objective area. This change improves the defensive posture of the moving units and slightly reduces the readiness hit compared to an Assault move. 

Fixed – Infinite Infantry ATGM Ammo 
There was a bug in the code that allowed ATGM teams (Infantry only) to bypass an ammo check. This error leads to those units being able to have available ATGM rounds to use if their ammo level was okay. 

Fixed – Mechanized Unit Type Assignment 
There was an odd bug in the code that would typecast certain mechanized units as leg infantry. This would lead to those units being less prone to launch attacks at range (A good thing for infantry in many cases). Everything works as intended now. 

Fixed – Unit Size Combat Modifier 
While dealing with the bugs above, we found an old, deep bug with one of the unit size modifiers. This has been responsible for some of the overly hard to kill single units and in some cases the more brittle look of larger 
formations. The outcome of combat is now back where it should be. This bug may also be responsible for the difficulty of some weapons to engage air and helicopter units properly. Be prepared for slightly more NATO losses 
and slightly fewer Soviet losses in direct fire engagements. 

Fixed – VP Scoring at End Game 
One of the last two updates broke the post-game VP scoring code. When the game ended by sudden death or end game selection, it was scoring the VP locations as they were at game end and not as calculated by end game 
conditions. After much rework and testing, we now believe it all to be working as designed. If you choose to continue the game from the Sudden Death screen, the game will reset the VPs to the state they were in before 
being scored.

pd: en breve subo el tercer video de este escenario! 

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